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Thunder Mountain Wireless uses solar power in the majority of their more than twenty microwave relay nodes. Because of their years of experience working with solar systems, T M Wireless has established a solar division to offer its expertise and buying power to anyone contemplating installing of a solar system to eliminate or reduce their electric bill. Several systems are available to supplement grid power, provide emergency power, or provide a totally independent power system to run wells. The well systems can be installed anywhere because they use batteries and do not require a connection to the electric utility company's grid.

When you lose your electricity from the grid, you are unable to pump water. This is unacceptable to the many people who have decided to stay and fight the next wildfire that may come their way. Our best selling system solves the problem. We have two well water pump systems. One uses your existing 230-volt AC pump or we have a system that replaces your pump with the new Grundfos Solar Water Pumps. The Grundfos system does not require an inverter and if you don't need to run your well at night, you don't have to have batteries and a charge controller. Also the system is much less expensive than the first system even when you add the cost of changing the pump. (Probably wouldn't hurt to have a look at those pipes anyway.)

The division is headed up by Mik Adams. Mik has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University and has many years of experience designing and building power systems. He has just completed a dual system with one system being a grid-tied system to the house and garage, and a secondary battery-backed system that provides electricity for a water well and several out buildings. It also provides emergency power to the house when the grid-tied system is unavailable.

All systems including custom systems are designed for easy installation and we will assist you if you wish to do the installation yourself. We also do complete installations including rebate, tax credit and permit paperwork.

Grid-tied systems qualify for rebates and tax credits that will cover up to 50% of the system cost including installation.


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