Network Status

All nodes are up and should be working quite well. Speeds are up because of several upgrades we have implemented. We've added two new connections to the Internet making a total of five. If any of them go down, we are immediately notified and are able to reroute customers to the working connections. The 26 nodes we have around Ramona and in the Backcountry require constant maintenance. Occasionally a node will break requiring a technician to have to go to the site to troubleshoot and make repairs. We try to do this as quickly as possible.

Our Tech Support Number is 760-654-1020. If your problem is urgent, please feel free to call our main number, 760-654-1025. Or if you have Internet access, you can file a Trouble Ticket. That gets sent to all of our computers and smart phones.

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If you are experiencing connection problems please file a Trouble Ticket.

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