Company Profile
TMWireless, providing wireless engineering services
  • Engineering for 30 Years.
  • Hardware, Firmware, and Software.
  • Medical, light industrial, mobile tracking, GPS interfaces.
  • Amateur Radio Operator (N6AHE).

Mission Statement

We believe our first responsibility is to provide the best internet access for Ramona and the surrounding area.

We provide High Speed Internet access via Wireless products. We select high quality equipment specific to your site to provide the best service and reliablity, with a minimal cost.

We primarily provide service for Ramona and the surrounding areas. We can provide High Speed Internet access to most anyone within 15 Miles from our Access Points.

We use the latest, reliable, 802.11 wireless technology designed for outdoor use. Our technology provides security during your internet experience, access control, and mail filters.

Our target market is open to our new service based on our initial survey. While our market has a couple of other internet access methods, we believe that our superior local service is their best choice.

We provide, at reasonable cost, reliable internet access and service.

We love new technology, tempered by our experience, to provide High Speed Internet access. We are local to Ramona on Barona Mesa, so we are also your neighbor.

Our customers rely on us, we are neighbors, and we are part of the community so we want your satisfaction

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